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Review by Jimmy Chaney

Dr Ehle and his staff are amazing. He is a doctor who cares maybe more about your health than you do. He always takes time to listen, think about things and offer you several options to get you well. I would recommend him to anyone looking for optional treatment methods. In fact I do recommend them often.

Review by adrianna fields

I couldn't have been more pleased when I found WLFM. I was able to find answers that other physicians could not find. And the staff was so supportive. They answered any and all questions I had. They also offered online support group and contact via emails have been priceless!

Review by Melvin Freeman

I'm nearing the age of 80 and have had my share of doctors throughout my life. On my own, I have studied and researched medical issues and alternative care. Of all the doctors that I've ever met, I have to say the Dr. Eric Ehle of Well Life Family Medicine has my full support and appreciation. Once you've had the experience in meeting and speaking with him on medical issues, you will feel the same as I do. I won't be changing to another healthcare provider anytime soon.

Review by Kraig Stockstill

In my 49 years of life, this has been the most pleasant medical clinic experience I have ever had. My appointments are always on time, if not early, and the staff have always treated me with the highest levels of kindness and respect. Dr. Ehle is thorough and he never seems like he is rushing to get to his next appointment. I also appreciate Dr. Ehle's holistic approach to medicine, and his willingness/desire to try and treat things naturally before rushing into prescribing medications. Wouldn't want to be receiving medical care anywhere else right now!!

Review by Amy Medrano

I started going to Well Life Family Medicine a few years ago when I was probably in the worst health of my life. At that time, I had a regular Dr., an endocrinologist, a neurologist, a gastroenterologist, an allergist and chiropractor. Dr. Ehle and his wonderful staff have investigated the root causes of my problems. Instead of treating my symptoms, they helped me make the changes I needed to FIX the causes. I no longer need to go to all of the "specialists" I was seeing before, Dr. Ehle does it all. I could not be more pleased with his approach, treatment or staff!


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Amarillo ( AM-ə-RIL-oh) is the 14th-most populous city in the U.S. state of Texas. It is also the largest city in the Texas Panhandle, and the seat of Potter County. A portion of the city extends into Randall County. The estimated population was 199,371 as of 2019. The Amarillo metropolitan area has an estimated population of 276,020 in four counties as of 2017. The metro population is projected to surpass 310,000 in 2020.Amarillo, originally named Oneida, is situated in the Llano Estacado region. The availability of the railroad and freight service provided by the Fort Worth and Denver City Railroad contributed to the city's growth as a cattle-marketing center in the late 19th century.The city was once the self-proclaimed "Helium Capital of the World" for having one of the country's most productive helium fields. The city is also known as "The Yellow Rose of Texas" (as the city takes its name from the Spanish word for yellow), and most recently "Rotor City, USA" for its V-22 Osprey hybrid ... Read More

What is a Dispensary?

A dispensary is a store that sells special items or dispenses the specialized items. Cannabis or marijuana dispensariers started in the US some time in the early 1990’s when Dennis Peron opend the San Francisro Cannbis Buyers Club. Back then the cannabis dispensary faced a ton of hardships, but Dennis, his team and dream helped pave the future for all future recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries. In 2014 the first recreational dispensary, 3D Cannabis opened it’s doors in Colorado. As of 4-1-19 33 states have medical dispensaries and 10 states have recreational dispensaries.

At a dispnsary one will find many differnt kinds of cannabis flowers (buds) and concentrates, edibles along with smoking untensils, but have a limited selection compared to online shops like Elev8 Glass Gallery. The dispensary also will have what is called a budtender to help you find what you are looking for. If you need help with cannabis info Elev8 Presents is a good resource.

What is the difference between a medical or recreational dispensary?

In realtiy medical and recreational dispensaries are the same thing. This all comes down to the states laws on cannabis. We feel cannabis is just like alcohol and medical will happen first and then recreational will follow, and so far history is showing this. Dispensaries are an excellent place for patients and recreational smokers alike to find the cannabis that best suits their needs!