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Review by Adhis Boucha

This review is after having used this clinic for several appointments over a couple of years. I used to think this place was great. Or rather, I was excited years ago to have "finally" found a holistic clinic and was looking forward to great natural care. My family and I are completely into natural and holistic healthcare, but Alpine Clinic seems to be stuck in the alternative health methods of the 1980s. The recommendations were very general and unrefined without taking into consideration the many discoveries and refinements made through modern studies and discoveries. Here are 3 examples: 1) At Alpine Clinic, I was recommended to take iodine and they sold me the full-strength variety used for laboratory slide preparations. I was skeptical but thought to give it a shot. After 2 days, my throat felt like it was going to rupture! I called the manufacturer and they said their product was not at all intended for human ingestion. I called Alpine Clinic and they said I was experiencing an allergy to the iodine and to stop taking it immediately. After 2 more days, my throat began feeling back to normal. *Modern holistic clinics* know iodine amounts needed in humans are very, very small and will check first what type of iodine solution to recommend for a patient. 2) I went to Alpine Clinic to get a sudden leg rash checked out that had started oozing. The doctor had no clue what it was, even went as far as scraping it to send to a lab. I felt like I went in knowing more about it than she did and had to educate her. I told her I believed it was yeast related and I just wanted to know how to treat for that. (I was new in my knowledge of yeast issues at the time, but definitely know better today how to treat it myself.) She didn't think that's what it was... But ended up telling me later when the lab results returned that it was indeed yeast. Glad I paid to teach her that. *A modern holistic clinic that stays up to date* on alternative medicine would have seen my oozing rash and known to check first for yeast or fungus. 3) At the insistence of Alpine Clinic, I set a biofeedback appointment to check for allergies. They found that I indeed was allergic to iodine. Their test also found I was allergic to a ton of other things. And then that was it. No recommendations except a list of "don't eat that." *A modern holistic clinic* finds out what parts of the body are out of balance and responding with the allergic reactions. They then find and suggest treatments for those specific issues to support the body back into balance so that symptoms are reduced or eliminated. Simply avoiding foods doesn't stop the body from continuing the declining trajectory it is on! Because of this allergy appointment, I developed the belief that biofeedback machines were quack. THE GOOD NEWS... A year later, I went to another holistic clinic at the urging of a colleague who knew my health was declining (and who herself had an extreme recovery story as a result of going to the new clinic). I showed up to the new place and imagine my disillusionment when I saw they were using a similar biofeedback machine as Alpine Clinic. I went forward with the appointment and cynically thought, "Let's see what this report says..." My experience at the new clinic was extremely different! And positive! And educational! And actually helpful! I won't go into details in this review, but suffice it to say that Alpine Clinic needs to update their knowledge and skillset in the field of alternative/natural medicine. I have not gone back there again since finding several other holistic practitioners who treat their patients well and yield actual tangible results. My health today is drastically better than it was 2 years ago and still getting better! But it's not because of Alpine Clinic.

Review by Ryan Darrow

Everyone I’ve met at Alpine Clinic is kind, caring and works hard to help people get well. They have served our community for a very long time and know how to get successful results with so many problems on patients of all ages. They seem to keep learning new ways of treating problems naturally. I’m grateful for them and they are definitely worth visiting. I see negative reviews and think it’s sad that some people are so attached to their illness that probably no one can help them.

Review by Anike Pullens

I like the approach. We have had good experiences each time we have been here. No issues so far.

Review by Kat Connolly

I am very disappointed with my experience with NP Shauna Chriss. I had brought a list of how I perceived my health was declining. Hair loss, fatigue, insomnia, etc., even though I exercise regularly and eat very healthy. I also have a scaly patch on my nose that is pre-cancerous, and intense pain on the ball of my foot (it felt like I was walking on a stone). Shauna Chriss just gave me a cookie cutter approach to my hormonal health. The pelvic exam was probably the shortest and the least thorough I've ever experienced. There was no checking of my ovaries or uterus. Just above them for 1/2 a second, which was very perplexing. I explained how my body is sensitive to meds and supplements. I only need 1/4-1/2 of a dose for it to work. I spent $250 on vitamins on supplements (all made by the clinic, of course), and had to quit them after a week. The dose was so high that I was getting a rash, which is common for me when I get too many vitamins. Again, I felt like it was a cookie cutter approach to taking vitamins. Several times I made a comment, and shortly later, Shauna Chriss would ask a question to which I had already given an answer in my comment. She did not LISTEN. The pain on my foot was dismissed with, "Oh! I've felt that, too!" I had to follow up with a foot doctor because the pain was so intense. It turned out that the pain was due to my second toe being longer than the others, so that phalange was hitting the floor first and the area was extremely swollen. I had to get a special insert for my shoes to take care of that. If time was an issue, I would have been very happy if Shauna Chriss had said, "We don't have time to deal with that specific issue. Can you make another appointment?" And I would have! Nothing was said to address the scaly patch on my nose. My cholesterol is naturally high (280 on a good day). I explained that I had switched to a plant-based diet to help control that without medication. Shauna Chriss immediately told me that grains cause high cholesterol and told me to get a book that supports paleo. Well! Research does not indicate that plant-based causes higher cholesterol! In fact, my blood work came back with my cholesterol 20 points lower due to my (correct for me) diet! Shauna Chriss seemed out of sorts and uninterested. She even got testy with me when I complained of dizzy spells and heart pounding during the day and middle of the night, and told me to go to a heart doctor. I saw her in the foyer as I made my follow up appointment. She stared at me. I smiled. She continued to stare without response. And then turned and walked out. Strange lady. I cancelled my follow up appointment. I am not going to make a 90 minute drive to be treated like my health is not that important, and like I am one in a long line of a cattle drive. That was a LOT of money spent on nothing. I'm hoping to find another naturopathic doctor who will actually listen and tailor solutions to my specific body type and needs.

Review by Melissa Bahr

I like this office because they are concerned about health and not just medicine. I appreciate their knowledge of supplements and their encouragement to live and eat healthy.


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