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Review by Amy

I called in the morning at 8:58a and the girl answered the phone hello, instead stating her name and the name of the business. I had to ask if I was indeed calling the lab and she stated to me we are not open yet. ? I go in and she offers no information. Takes my paper and walks away as she is speaking to her coworker in another language. After standing at the window for awhile I decided to sit. I ended up getting sick in the waiting room and instead of showing compassion I was treated like a drug addict. I have never done drugs! I would not show up if I did drugs! What would be the point? I have never been so humiliated in my life! They left me out in the waiting area throwing up and telling me I couldn’t leave or I would fail. Any normal human being would have offered assistance or called the employer to say look this woman is sick. I understand they are not obligated to do so. I am a mother, a wife, and a great employee. These unprofessional women cost me a job and as far as I’m concerned my reputation with this employer. I’m embarrassed, humiliated and furious that there is nothing I can do about it because rules are rules. These woman should seriously think about their character. I’m glad I’m not a drug addict but the way I was treated I almost understand how one is treated. Disgusting! These people should be ashamed of themselves!!!

Review by Christine savage fam

Dirty and rude . Do not go. Very poor i was taken for a drug test told you have 2 minute time limit. After listening to a very loud private conversation between co workers about dinner and a personal call i was told time was up after one minute. I said i wasnt done due to the loud talking while i was trying to pee. Oh . Wasthe reply times up. Luckily i had not paid yet . I was self paying for a preemployment drug screen. I went to labcorp if you dont mind a very short drive to stow please dont hesitate. Do not use this arc place .

Review by Bikram AKA Biku GSX-R 600

Quick service

Review by Penny Adams

Very dirty, unorganized and unprofessional location. Did not feel comfortable having lab tests here. Office is run by 3 young girls wearing flip flops, t-shirts and leggings. Medical table was inside one girls office and the poet had not been changed in between customers. Floors were not clean and the bathroom toilet seat was dirty and stained with blue drips. Getting the blood drawn was very painful and left a bruise. Will not be returning to this location.

Review by Mandeep Mathaun

Very professional staff


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About Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Cuyahoga Falls ( KY-ə-HOH-gə) is a city in Summit County, Ohio, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 49,652. It is the second-largest city in Summit County and part of the Akron, OH Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city was founded in 1812 by William Wetmore and was originally named Manchester, but renamed for the Cuyahoga River and the series of waterfalls that run along the southern boundary of the city. Cuyahoga Falls is bordered by Akron to the south and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to the northwest. Read More

What is a Dispensary?

A dispensary is a store that sells special items or dispenses the specialized items. Cannabis or marijuana dispensariers started in the US some time in the early 1990’s when Dennis Peron opend the San Francisro Cannbis Buyers Club. Back then the cannabis dispensary faced a ton of hardships, but Dennis, his team and dream helped pave the future for all future recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries. In 2014 the first recreational dispensary, 3D Cannabis opened it’s doors in Colorado. As of 4-1-19 33 states have medical dispensaries and 10 states have recreational dispensaries.

At a dispnsary one will find many differnt kinds of cannabis flowers (buds) and concentrates, edibles along with smoking untensils, but have a limited selection compared to online shops like Elev8 Glass Gallery. The dispensary also will have what is called a budtender to help you find what you are looking for. If you need help with cannabis info Elev8 Presents is a good resource.

What is the difference between a medical or recreational dispensary?

In realtiy medical and recreational dispensaries are the same thing. This all comes down to the states laws on cannabis. We feel cannabis is just like alcohol and medical will happen first and then recreational will follow, and so far history is showing this. Dispensaries are an excellent place for patients and recreational smokers alike to find the cannabis that best suits their needs!